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Called To Joy


A space dedicated to boasting in weakness and learning what it means to be called a child of the King

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Called to Joy

I've sat with this question many times as I watched myself or my people walk through seasons of life that seemed to rob them of happiness. When life got messy, joy would disappear.


Can you relate?

I've learned that joy is not found in the people or things of this world. They will eventually fall short. So where do we find lasting joy? It was throughout my Junior year of college that I truly began to run towards the person of Jesus. I gave my life to Him, and have been learning what it means to live a life of Joy since then. 

This platform was created after plenty of coffee shop hangs and late-night conversations with my people. To be honest, I'm still figuring out what I'm doing and how this all works. What I do know, is that my goal is to tell you about the person of Jesus and how He changed my life. Mixed in with that I'll get to share sweet moments worth celebrating, brands and products I love, and creative endeavors that make me happy, and a whole lot of stories from my people. 

I'm walking with open hands and a joyful heart while learning how to live as a daughter of the King.

I'm excited for you to join me.

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