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This year I begin building out a new wardrobe. This has been a slow process my friends, but so worth it. My goal has been to end with a closet full of items that are comfortable, that bring me confidence, and that I genuinely enjoy.
It seems silly, but I've found some joy in taking time and curating a wardrobe that I love. Now I get to share some of these brands with y'all!

Transparency is important to me. Some of these incredible brands provide me with a small commission from purchases made through these links. If you have any questions about which brands this applies to or how that works, please feel free to contact me!

Shop With Me: Welcome
Confidence Collection - Mackenzie Bertelsman 4.jpg
  • Built by women, for the women who wear many hats in life.

  • Their mission: build confidence in women and the many hats we wear.

  • Styles have a range of sizes + adjustable inner bands that allow for the perfect custom fit for everyone.

  • All felt styles are 100% Australian wool.

  •  Free Shipping on US orders over $125

  • Use code "mackenzie10" for 10% off!

Shop With Me: About
Stormy Beach

The Monroe in Dark Grey

Confidence Collection - Mackenzie Bertelsman 1.jpg
Confidence Collection - Mackenzie Bertelsman 3.jpg
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