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Waiting On God

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hillsong released a song called "Know You Will" this year.

This song spoke into existence the truth my soul has needed lately. A reminder that God is a promise keeper, and that his perspective and plans are abundantly better than my own. The song reminds me of Psalm 136. In times of doubt or hopelessness, we can reflect on the nature of Christ by looking to His character and the promises He has kept. Psalm 136 and this song do exactly that.

There are so many things in my world that I have been waiting for. I’ve been wrestling with God's timing in them all for months now. I’ve been frustrated, impatient, and confused at times, but I’ve also had an underlying peace that God is not done. I don’t need to know how or when God will work, I just need to trust that He will.

Sitting in the waiting is not easy for me. There are plenty of mornings where my current reality feels too heavy. I've woken up hopeless, discouraged, and unable to find the right words to even talk to God. Those are the days when I've let this song lead me into a place of worship. I'll sit in these lyrics and allow their truth to shift my heart's posture from one of confusion to one of hope. From there I can talk honestly with the Lord, and invite Him into my frustration, confusion, and at times genuine despair.

I don't know what God's timing will look like in my life, but I know I can trust Him because He has a track record of faithfulness. When He does move, His plan will most likely look different than my own, but His plan will always be better.

God is gracious and I’m confident in seasons of waiting or suffering he is teaching us the true meaning of Romans 5:3-4. If you’re waiting for something to shift in your world right now, know that God is not done. He is producing something in us. How kind is that?

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